Uranium is a highly concentrated periodic element  from where a highly powered battery is used to power the supercomputer for one whole decade.  After which, it loses more and more power, and supercomputer gradually begins to fail and turn off altogether as time goes on. As such, everything within the supercomputer (including X.A.N.A.) will end in death or even disintegration in the case of Lyoko.


In Common Interest, a desperate X.A.N.A. takes possession of the criminal Peter Duncan and uses him to acquire an additional uranium battery to fully energize the supercomputer and further ensure its survival. Due to her link with X.A.N.A. and Lyoko, Aelita also feels the affects and eventually faints. She is taken to the hospital, where her heart keeps failing with each decrease in power.


  • Uranium is a chemical element with the symbol U and 92 as its atomic number.
  • It is encased a reinforced rod.

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