With the arrival of Season 5, there is no doubt that once again, Code Lyoko will be brought into the pop culture lime light. With that being said, I am suggesting as a user that we all work together to polish this wiki to be the best it can be for when Season 5 is released in America. There will be tons of new fans coming in to this wiki to read more about the series. The current wiki as it stands is ok, but it could us a lot of improvements such as:

  • Standard formatting rules.
    • In some places in the wiki, episodes are linked normally, some are italizied, and some have qoutes (" ") around them.
    • In some pages, a term such as Odd is linked every time it is used, and in others it is linked the first time it is used.
    • Qoutes are handled dramatically different per page.
    • Pictures are sometimes pasted randomly on pages and end up deforming the text greatly.
    • In addition, some pictures are low quality and should be updated.
  • Finalize how this wiki will spell XANA. Will it be X.A.N.A., or XANA?
  • Fix all red links. (Team Lyoko is the most common)
  • Fix catagories and update old ones (some that are in the "need pictures" catagory have pictures now, pointless catagories, etc.)
  • Find and remove/link stranded pages / useless pages. (Try clicking on the random page buttion a few thousand times and you'll find one, trust me.)

Now of course as an editior, I can fix some of these problems, but it is up to the administration to lay out the rules in which will keep this wiki healthy and polished, and so that all the members are clear on how things should be formatted. We already look like the best Code Lyoko Wiki, lets make sure our content reflects it.

- Zanea

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