As most of you are aware, our chat system has its problems. Our chat system is prone to network problems, is known to fail when used with Chrome Data Saver, has issues on mobile devices, has so many missing features, we've had to deploy a bunch of custom features, has no logging, and has questionable security.

However, we've turned a blind eye on these matters. But now, new details has emerged. Many wikis have been using Discord as their chat system rather than Wikia's native chat system. This system meets our requirements. Additionally, there are suspicions that Wikia might stop officially supporting Chat, and leave it as an unsupported-but-not-removed feature, like Special:TagsReport.

With that in mind, I am proposing that this wiki, the English Code Lyoko Wiki, migrate to Discord for its chat system. However, this wiki is democratically operated, so I will allow all of y'all to vote on the matter:

In your opinion, should the English Code Lyoko Wiki switch to Discord for its chat services?

The poll was created at 00:18 on April 16, 2017, and so far 9 people voted.

Please comment with any thoughts, questions, concerns, proposals, etc. you may have regarding this.


The election has closed. We have 7 votes to switch to discord, and 0 to not switch. The switchover will begin immediately.

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