This is a story made by me.

The Warriors of Code Lyoko Wikia

Code lyoko wikia was a very peaceful place. A long time ago there were 4 ancient warriors They were:Ji Robinson, Max, -Odd dellarobia003- and Skittycat. The warriors had a great challenge they were called The Trolls. There is now a new generation of warriors they are: Ji Robinson, Agent Odd, Alex, Skittycat and Tiago Cunha. They were called the admins. The wikia created the head leaders. They are called baracrats. The Baracrats are Ji Robinson, Agent Odd and Skittycat. The third most powerful people are called rollbacks. The rollbacks are: All the admins and Supershemy. And there are the chat mods which are every one above exept for Supershemy. There are new villains on the wikia and they are called the Assblasters. They are too strong for the admins to defeat them alone so all the users of Code lyoko wikia have to work together to save this site.

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