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Odd and Aelita virtualized to Arena
Odd and Aelita being virtualized in X.A.N.A. 2.0
First appearance X.A.N.A. Awakens (chronologically), Teddygozilla (production-wise)
Purpose Virtualizing users on Lyoko
Creator(s) Franz Hopper

Virtualization is the process of being virtualized onto Lyoko.

The process was first chronologically used on humans with Waldo Schaeffer and Aelita Schaeffer, for them to escape to Lyoko from the Men In Black. It may have been invented by Waldo Schaeffer.

The process is usually run by Jeremie, Aelita, or by Big Fat Cheese Head.


The only possible way (shown in the series) to do this is to go into the scanners. The process is not fully detailed but it appears to be broken into stages.

  1. The first stage is avatar recognition. Jeremie selects an Avatar and the computer realises the stored genetic structure of the Lyoko warrior.
  2. The second stage is scanning. The person's molecular structure is identified and stored if the person is new, or simply identified if they are not.
  3. The third stage is the final virtualization, this consists of the character's "digitization" (conversion from physical matter into digital matter) and finally, their appearance on Lyoko.

It has been revealed in Code Lyoko Evolution that people may only be virtualized within 12 hour intervals of their previous virtualization. This serves as an inconsistency from the previous seasons, for example in the episode Common Interest. Odd was virtualized with Ulrich to do a sweep of the Ice Sector to locate an activated tower. Jeremie brought both of them back to pick up Aelita who was recovering in the hospital. Odd was then virtualized again with Aelita and Yumi not much later the same day to help Aelita to go to the activated tower. Then again in Dog Day Afternoon, Odd was virtualized within minutes of being manually devirtualized by Jeremie. It hasn't been made clear why this 12-hour rule is apparent in Evolution, but this setback has served as a problem for the Lyoko Warriors in fighting X.A.N.A.. It's possible that being materialized while retaining life points allows one to be virtualized again.

This process can have mistakes, both due to operator error and machine error. Instances of this include:

Humans who have been virtualized

In order they are:

  1. Franz Hopper 
  2. Aelita Schaeffer
  3. Odd Della Robbia
  4. Ulrich Stern
  5. Yumi Ishiyama
  6. Jeremie Belpois
  7. William Dunbar

Non-humans who have been virtualized

  1. X.A.N.A.-Odd/Ulrich (Clone)
  2. Kiwi
  3. X.A.N.A-William
  4. X.A.N.A-Spectere (Particles)
  5. Aelita decoy (Clone generated with Jeremie's laptop)



Code Lyoko

Code Lyoko Evolution

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