X.A.N.A. has made a lot of attacks on the real world and on Lyoko. All of them have been to destroy (or stop) the Lyoko Warriors in any way possible. He tries to come up with new tactics and new ideas. 


Name Description
X.A.N.A. Awakens Part 1 Attacks Jeremie consecutively after he restarts the supercomputer.
X.A.N.A. Awakens Part 2 Creates a big electric orb to attack Sissi and Lyoko Warriors.

Season One: Episodes 1-26 (2003-2004)

Episode # Name Description
1 Teddygozilla Possesses Milly's Teddy Bear and transforms it into a giant which tries to crush the Lyoko Warriors.  
2 Seeing Is Believing Tries to overload a nuclear power plant by storing electricity in a electrical pylon and unleashing it on the plant all at once, which would wipe out the entire region.
3 Holiday in the Fog Possesses several barrels full of poison and turns it into a deadly, living gas.
4 Log Book Possesses the bus and send it on a one-way course to the nearby nuclear plant. 
5 Big Bug Created a computer virus and sent it out on the Internet. All the city’s data-bases have been damaged. The railway control center has been hit very hard and can no longer stop two of its trains which are on a collision course. One having deadly chemicals as cargo.
6 Cruel Dilemma Possesses two bulldozers and sets them on the factory to prevent Aelita's materialization from taking place.
7 Image Problem Traps Yumi in a Guardian and sends a Spectre in her place in order to destroy the scanners.
8 End of Take Possesses an alien monster prop and uses it to capture Ulrich and Sissi and use them as bait for the others.
9 Satellite Takes over a military satellite and turns it on the school (specifically on Yumi).
10 The Girl of the Dreams X.A.N.A. traps Aelita in a Guardian and takes control of the samurai costume from Yumi's history project, setting it on the group, namely Yumi.
11 Plagued X.A.N.A. possesses a rat that tries to sneak a bite from the school's kitchen. That rat goes on to bite other rats, putting them under X.A.N.A.'s control. These rats then attacks Kadic.
12 Swarming Attack After failing with an army of rats, X.A.N.A. attempts a similar tactic using hornets.
13 Just in Time Uses ultrasound waves to cause the school to fall apart.
14 The Trap
  1. Traps Sissi, Ulrich, and Yumi in the elevator shaft.
  2. Jeremie and Odd have to deal with the possessed factory equipment.
15 Laughing Fit Uses laughing gas to attack the Lyoko Warriors.
16 Claustrophobia Surrounds the cafeteria in electricity, leaving Ulrich, Odd, and several other students traps inside with no way out. 
17 Amnesia Possesses several nanobots to attack memory cells, leaving Ulrich and other students and teachers affected with amnesia.
18 Killer Music Creates a song that puts anyone who hears it in a coma.
19 Frontier No attack.
20 The Robots Creates a robot to eliminate the Lyoko Warriors.
21 Zero Gravity Zone Concentrates the city's electricity on the school, turning it into zero-gravity zone. 
22 Routine Sabotages the devirtualization program, putting the Lyoko Warriors at risk of disappearing forever.
23 Rock Bottom? Causes the ground to turn to mud, causing all the buildings to start sinking into the ground.
24 Ghost Channel Traps Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi in a Simulation Bubble and trys to lead them to fake Scanners to delete them forever.
25 Code: Earth Sends Bloks to guard a tower and later, two Megatanks to destroy the tower to prevent Aelita from being materialized.
26 False Start Materialized several Kankrelats on to Earth. 

Season Two: Episodes 27-52 (2005-2006)

Episode # Name Description
27 New Order Traps Yumi and Ulrich in the boiler room of the Hermitage.
28 Unchartered Territory Takes Aelita to Sector 5 with the Transport Orb so the Scyphozoa can steal her memory.
29 Exploration No attack.
30 A Great Day
  1. Repeatedly activated the Return To The Past in order to get stronger. 
  2. Possessing Sissi.
31 Mister Pück Possesses Jeremie and kidnaps Aelita in order to deliver her to the Scyphozoa.
32 Saint Valentine's Day Sends a possessed man to leave a necklace for Aelita that eventually possesses her, compelling her to go to Lyoko and give up her memories.
33 Final Mix Possesses Jim to kidnap Aelita and bring her to the Scyphozoa.
34 Missing Link Steals Yumi's human DNA using the Scyphozoa, preventing her from being materialized back to Earth. He has predicted that Aelita will transfer her human DNA to Yumi, which will cause her memory to be exposed. 
35 The Chips Are Down Possesses Nicholas so he can sabotage the devirtualization program. 
36 Marabounta No attack.
37 Common Interest Possesses a criminal to get a nuclear battery to recharge the supercomputer. He then attacks Jeremie. 
38 Temptation
  1. Possesses Rosa Petitjean to stop the Lyoko Warriors from leaving the cafeteria.
  2. Possesses Jeremie's ambulance and drives it into the river.
39 A Bad Turn Materializes Krabs into the real world.
40 Attack of the Zombies Possesses Kiwi, making anyone he bites turn into a mindless zombie
41 Ultimatum Possesses Principal Delmas and kidnaps Odd and Yumi. He sends Jeremie an ultimatum: 2:30 PM, Aelita must go to the Ice Sector and give her memory to the Scyphozoa or Odd and Yumi will be liquidated (killed in a painful way). 
42 A Fine Mess No attack.
43 X.A.N.A.'s Kiss Send a polymorphic spectre that can change its appearance at will, to devide and conquer the group. It then kisses random people at Kadic. This way, X.A.N.A could divide and conquer the group. 
44 Vertigo Possesses three wolves and creating illusions of other wolves to hunt down Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi.
45 Cold War Creates a blizzard that traps the warriors in school.
46 Déjà Vu X.A.N.A.'s implanted virus is stimulating Aelita's cerebral cortex, placing her in an artificial sleep, thus causing her to see a vision of Men In Black and Franz Hopper. She goes to Sector 5 to find the source of her vision, falling into X.A.N.A.'s trap.
47 Tip-Top Shape Possesses Yolanda and kidnaps Aelita.
48 Is Anybody Out There?
  1. Send a blob-like spectre out to attack the group in midnight. 
  2. Sabotages the Superscan.
49 Franz Hopper Sends a polymorphic spectre disguised as Franz Hopper, to trick the group into turning against Jeremie.
50 Contact Sissi is possessed by Franz Hopper to make contact with Jeremie, so X.A.N.A possesses The Hospital doctor to attack Sissi.
51 Revelation
  1. Sends a spectre to trick Odd into coming into the woods. It then traps him in a well with a hose pouring water into it. The spectre then goes to Lyoko.
  2. Takes control of the tower Jeremy activated, in order to steal the data from Franz Hopper's diary.
52 The Key
  1. Setting traps in Sector 5 by luring Lyoko Warriors into Aelita's fake missing fragment.
  2. Steals Aelita's memory and frees himself from the supercomputer. 

Season Three: Episodes 53-65 (2006)

Episode # Episode Description
53 Straight to Heart Attacks the Core of Lyoko.
54 Lyoko Minus One
  1. Possesses everyone on Yumi's bus (except for her and William in a detention) and chases her through the woods.
  2. Implants a virus to Aelita using Scyphozoa, so he can possess her and make her delete the Forest Sector.
55 Tidal Wave Possesses all the food in the cafeteria and chases the others.
56 False Lead
  • Hacks a large weapons manufacturing computer and leads the group down false trail.
  • Possesses two government agents and has them destroy the Supercomputer
57 Aelita Activates a tower to luring Lyoko Warriors to the tower, while he sends monsters to attack Core of Lyoko.
58 The Pretender
  1. Possesses a flock of crows and has them attack the group.
  2. Possesses Aelita with Scyphozoa and make her delete the Desert Sector.
59 The Secret
  1. Possesses a demolition worker and has him set a bomb in the Factory.
  2. Possesses Aelita with Scyphozoa so she'll delete the Ice Sector. She is devirtualized in time by Yumi.
60 Temporary Insanity Has two Mantas shoot Odd and Ulrich with a combined-attack-beam, making them believe that they're on Lyoko in the real and the real world on Lyoko. This way, he could attack the Core of Lyoko.
61 Sabotage
  1. Possessed the groundskeeper and had him fry all the supercomputer's memory boards. This would have caused the supercomputer to explode, keeping them from protecting the Core of Lyoko. 
  2. Sent vines after them.
62 Nobody in Particular

Takes control of Ulrich's body and uses it to attack the core.

63 Triple Trouble Creates a cloud of smoke that can petrify anyone on contact.
64 Double Trouble Sends a Jeremie Clone to attack Jeremie and take Aelita to the Scyphozoa, so X.A.N.A. could possess her and make her delete the Mountain Sector.
65 Final Round Takes control of William using Scyphozoa and has him destroys the Core of Lyoko, thus destroying Lyoko and put William in an almost permanent possession.

Season Four: Episodes 66-95 (2007)

Episode # Name Description
66 William Returns Sends William to Earth to kidnap Aelita and throw her to Digital Sea.
67 Double Take Takes control of Jeremie's clone and has him attack Jeremie and Odd.
68 Opening Act Send a polymorphic clone of Chris of the Subdigitals to kidnap Aelita.
69 Wreck Room Takes control of William's clone and has him attack Ulrich.
70 Skidbladnir Sends William and monsters to attack the Skidbladnir.
71 Maiden Voyage None
72 Crash Course Sends a Spectre after Jeremie and Aelita.
73 Replika None
74 I'd Rather Not Talk About It Possesses a wild boar and sets it eyes on Jeremie and Jim.
75 Hot Shower Takes control of a powerful military satellite and uses it laser to change the course of the Comet VG17 
76 The Lake
  1. Creates a slug-like Spectre that attacks anyone that tries to escape from the island.
  2. Sends Scyphozoa to steals Skidbladnir's data.
77 Lost At Sea Attacks Yumi, which is lost in the network.
78 Lab Rat Possesses scientists in an Amazonian laboratory.
79 Bragging Rights Possesses Cybernetic Spiders in the Amazonian laboratory.
80 Dog Day Afternoon Attacks by possessing a motorcycle gang who has taken over the factory. 
81 A Lack of Goodwill Materialize William to Earth to destroy the supercomputer.
82 Distant Memory
  1. Creating a Simulation Bubble of Aelita's old home in Mountain and disguising as Franz Hopper to lure her.
  2. William throw her to Digital Sea, so Franz Hopper will appear to save her, thus allowing X.A.N.A. to attack him.
83 Hard Luck Materialize Kankrelats at the New Mexico Research Facility.
84 Guided Missile Possesses a fighter plane and shoots it's missile to the factory.
85 Kadic Bombshell None
86 Canine Conundrum Takes control of Jeremie's robot, Kiwi 2, and sends it on a rampage at Kadic. 
87 A Space Oddity Takes control of orbs to attack Odd and Yumi.
88 Cousins Once Removed Possesses Sissi and Herb to attack Patrick and sabotage Skidbladnir.
89 Music To Soothe the Savage Beast Possesses Sophie, Subdigitals manager to kidnap Aelita and possesses Milly and Tamiya to

keep the warriors at bay.

90 Wrong Exposure
  1. Possesses Principal Delmas to kidnap Aelita.
  2. Sends Scyphozoa to capture Aelita so X.A.N.A. could possess Aelita and has her throw herself to Digital Sea.
91 Bad Connection Takes control of School Antenna to spread a virus to possess others who answered their phones.
92 Cold Sweat
  1. Translate William to Siberian Research Facility.
  2. Sends Kolossus to destroy the Skidbladnir.
93 Down to Earth
  1. Possesses the army of robots in Siberian Research Facility.
  2. Destroy the Skidbladnir using the Kolossus.
94 Fight to the Finish
  1. Possesses William to hits Jeremie out cold and pull cables from the scanner and attacks Yumi afterwards. 
  2. Kills Franz Hopper.
95 Echoes None

Evolution: Episode 96-121 (2012-2013)

Episode # Name Description
1 (96) X.A.N.A. 2.0 Makes a Jim spectre to steal back the source codes implanted into the Original Lyoko Warriors (excluding Jeremy) by X.A.N.A.
2 (97) Cortex None
3 (98) Spectromania
  1. A spectre of a young boy steals code from Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita
  2. Ulrich spectre chases Ulrich through Kadic
4 (99) Madame Einstein None
5 (100) Rivalry
  1. William spectre steals source codes from Yumi, and chases Ulrich through Kadic
  2. X.A.N.A. hacks into the phone lines, taking out the warriors phones, severing their communication
6 (101) Suspicions A student, Remi, is possesed and is cloned  in an attempt to retrieve code from Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich
7 (102) Count-down Sends a polymorphic spectre to retrieve code from the warriors
8 (103) Virus None
9 (104) How to Fool X.A.N.A. A spectre of Theo steals code from Ulrich and Yumi
10 (105) The Warrior Awakens None
11 (106) Rendez-vous Sends a specte of Aelita's mother to take Aelita's code
12 (107) Chaos at Kadic Messing with the grades in the school's computer, causing them to nearly lose the help of Laura Gauthier
13 (108) Friday the 13th
  1. Messing with lottery, causing thousands of so called "winners"
  2. Putting a virus in the Skid
14 (109) Intrusion None
15 (110) The Codeless
  1. Steals Odd's remaining codes.
  2. Creates a clone of William to manipulate him.
16 (111) Confusion Turns on the one who brought him back.
17 (112) An Assured Professional Future None
18 (113) Obstinacy
19 (114) The Trap
20 (115) Espionage
21 (116) False Pretenses
22 (117) Mutiny
23 (118) Jeremy's Blues
24 (119) Temporal Paradox
25 (120) Massacre
26 (121) Ultimate Mission

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