X.A.N.A. Franz Hopper is a Polymorphic Clone seen in the episode Franz Hopper. This clone was better at deceiving the Lyoko Warriors than most other clones. It unexpectedly appeared in the lab and gained the trust of most of the team, except for Jeremie (whom it singled out), by deactivating towers and upgrading weapons. It used this to its advantage, fostering dissension within the team. It betrayed the Lyoko Warriors when it disabled their weapons on Lyoko and attempted to trap Aelita for the Scyphozoa. Its line, "You're the one who let X.A.N.A. destroy my diary!" gave away its true identity. In truth, X.A.N.A. didn't destroy Franz's diary, due to the timely intervention of the true Franz Hopper himself. When Jeremie declared this, X.A.N.A. Franz Hopper reverted into a Spectre and disappeared. It reappeared minutes later and tried to suffocate Jeremie by blocking his airways.

In the episode Distant Memory, Aelita was lured into a simulation bubble of her and Franz's old home, the Mountain Cabin. However, Aelita found out that he was a fake when he didn't remember that the Skidbladnir was based on a Viking story which her father had told to her and that he didn't include Aelita's mother in the simulation bubble as well. The Franz Hopper in the simulation bubble turned out to be a Blok impersonating Hopper.

In English, he was initially played by Paul Bandey. However, for Season 3 and onward, he was played by Alan Wenger. In French, he was played by Mathieu Moreau. In Finnish, he was played by Arto Nieminen.


Since this clone is like its others, X.A.N.A. utilizes its creator's memories to blend to its unsuspecting threats. However, unlike most clones, X.A.N.A. Franz Hopper happens to speak confidently about itself and uses speeches, whereas most others are seen to be silent.

This clone also uses the same electrical and dexteric attacks like most others, when engaging in battle.