Ulrich clone

X.A.N.A. Ulrich (sometimes referred to as Ulrich Clone) was a Polymorphic Clone of Ulrich Stern created by X.A.N.A..


X.A.N.A. Ulrich first appear in X.A.N.A.'s Kiss, when X.A.N.A.'s polymorphic clone took appearance of Ulrich and kissing Sissi in front of Yumi and Jeremie in order to cause conflict between the group. Later, the clone can be briefly seen in the appearance of Ulrich when fighting Odd in the Hermitage, before transforming to Odd.

The clone also made appearance in Revelation. After Ulrich says to Odd clone that Odd never defeat him, the clone transforming from Odd to Ulrich. The clone looked different from Ulrich, it's skin was grey and yellow parts of Ulrich's outfit were orange. The real Ulrich and X.A.N.A. Ulrich then engage in battle. X.A.N.A. Ulrich is equal with the real Ulrich in term of speed and ability, even able to disarms Ulrich and steals his katana. Despite that his weapon was stolen by X.A.N.A. Ulrich, Ulrich is still able to defeat his evil counterpart.

X.A.N.A. has also create the clone in Evolution to steals Lyoko Warriors's Source Codes. It appears in Spectromania, in which X.A.N.A. Ulrich trying to steals Ulrich's codes. The clone was disintegrated after Odd deactivate the tower supporting it, thus saving Ulrich.

X.A.N.A. Ulrich also made a short appearance in Confusion. It appear in boys bathroom in order to steals the codes of Ulrich - who is brushing his teeth - before disappears itself.

X.A.N.A. Ulrich appears in both Earth and Lyoko in False Pretenses. After Jeremie virtualizes the real Ulrich to Lyoko, X.A.N.A. take the opportunity by send Ulrich clone to join William and Yumi. Not receiving any suspicions from them, the clone easily devirtualize Yumi. The clone was devirtualized by William. Later, Yumi and Aelita meet with the polymorphic clone of Ulrich in the park. Not sure wether everyone are X.A.N.A.'s polymorphic clone or not, they decide to asking questions. When it's the clone's turn, it made a mistake by throwing a question that the real Ulrich will never ask; "What is the name of the person you love?". After the clone unmasked, it try to steal Yumi and Aelita's codes, but once again stopped after Odd deactivate the tower.

Like Ulrich, X.A.N.A. Ulrich is voiced by Barbara Weber-Scaff in English dub and Marie-Line Landerwyn in French dub. In Evolution, he is portrayed by Quentin Merabet.


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