"You're doing great Ulrich, just keep it up!" - Crash Course

"What's this, William? Another girl catch your eye?" - To William in Crash Course

"Like a broken record, but it only lasted for a second." - Ghost Channel

"First of all, that's Chinese, and second of all, what is with that outfit?!" - To Odd in A Fine Mess

"And now let's hear it for Catwoman." - In Odd's body in A Fine Mess

"You may be under X.A.N.A.'s control, but you're still a rookie on Lyoko, William." - To William in Opening Act

"That's not my boyfriend! Anyway, he's too clingy for me." - About William in I'd Rather Not Talk About It.

"And I would call that 'wishful thinking', William dear." - After defeating William in I'd Rather Not Talk About It

"Black is my color - black like your eye is gonna be if you don't back off!" - To Sissi after she teases Yumi about an embarrassing picture in Cold Sweat

"Because he's my boyfriend! I mean, good friend!" - About Ulrich in Routine

"Not so fast, Blubberface!" - To the Scyphozoa in Final Mix

"Relax, Odd. Jean-Pierre is just fine. Believe me, he couldn't be in better hands." - To Odd about his Tamagutchi in False Lead

"Go on! You can keep trying... (to Jeremie) but the truth is you messed up big time and Ulrich might get lost forever!"

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